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Musical Synergy

It was the winter of 2001 when Elon University's SUB brought in a legendary DJ from NY. His name was Kid Capri. His performance inspired DJ IAN to go out and buy his first pair of turntables. As his record collection began to grow, so did his love for party rockin'. DJ IAN impressively burst onto the Elon University DJ scene back in 2001. After successfully performing for his University crowds, DJ IAN moved back to his home state of Florida and started working his way into the extremely competitive Tampa Bay DJ scene. After more than 15 years in Tampa Bay, DJ IAN has solidified his name as one of the veterans in the Bay Area. “It's always been about finding the right song to fit the right energy of the venue, and when you hit that sweet spot, it makes all the preparation worth it,” says DJ IAN.
It's been a long journey for DJ IAN. "I started out back as a teenager bringing my CD collection to all the parties and playing for my friends. From there, it was my first "real gig" DJ'ing the 8th grade dance. Next was a radio internship in high school and then on to college and becoming a professional working DJ. Now, after more than 25 years, I find as much joy in meeting people as I do playing the music."

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